Blueprint April Cover
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Blueprint: Issue 363

£30.00 excluding VAT

This premium bi-monthly, 260-page magazine is revered by architects and designers around the world for its fresh and unconventional approach.

In our annual innovation issue, Blueprint delves into the increasingly real world of flying cars — who’s designing them, how they work, and when they might appear in a city near you. We also check out Italy’s first all-digital history museum, designed by Sauerbruch Hutton, and sit down with Danish architect Dorte Mandrup to find out more about her practice and upcoming water-related projects. We explore how architects today are harnessing their creativity to help tackle the homelessness crisis, and even find out what it takes to build on the moon. Elsewhere in the issue, we bring you: Hong Kong’s Xiqu Centre; Foster + Partners’ Norton Museum of Art; the Bombay Beach Biennale; Morris+Company’s Energy Centre; and designer Fernando Laposse.

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